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Single origin Peruvian specialty coffee with notes of milk chocolate, sugar cane, and citrus
La Campiña - Medium Dark Roast
from $21.00
Single original Peruvian specialty coffee with notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar
Mono Choro - Dark Roast
from $21.00

How do I know if I should subscribe? We might be biased but think you should if you:

1. Drink coffee everyday as part of your daily routine and/or morning ritual, just like us.

2. Enjoy the taste and smell of freshly ground specialty coffee.

3. Want to discover new and delicious flavors. 

4. Are constantly scared that you are going to run out of it.

5. Get cranky in the morning when you have an early morning call but no coffee to be found in your entire house. Yeah we can feel the panic.

6. Can’t go to the bathroom regularly. We won’t tell anyone. We promise. 

7. Want to prepare insanely delicious espresso martinis and brag about your Peruvian specialty coffee from the Amazon.

8. Want to impress your in-laws during their next visit with interesting facts about how your new favorite coffee is impacting Peruvian coffee farmers, artisans, and the endangered Choro Monkey.

9. Want to expand your Peruvian cultural knowledge beyond Machu Picchu, ceviche, and llamas. 

10. Really need more reasons? Email us. We are happy to talk more about it :)