Mono Choro - Dark Roast

Single original Peruvian specialty coffee with notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar

Mono Choro - Dark Roast

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With notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar

From the Peruvian Amazon

Specialty coffee requires special growing conditions. The lush nutrients of the Peruvian Amazon combined with the rich soil of the Highlands provide perfect growing conditions for a unique flavor profile that is both bold and smooth.

Sustainably Sourced + Land Preservation

In addition to fair trade wages and sustainable farming practices, our partnerships with our coffee farmers go a step further in funding land protection. Profits earned go towards land preservation for the endangered Choro Monkey -- or Mono Choro.

How to Drink It | Mono Choro

With a specialty coffee score of 82, our single-origin Mono Choro coffee can be enjoyed in several ways. While we recommend a slow pour method, it is versatile in nature and is a perfect roast for cold brew, espresso, or normal coffee drip. You'll know it's brewed to perfection when the addicting taste of chocolate and brown sugar hit your tongue.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kurt (Baltimore, US)
Mono Choro Gourmet Excellence

Our fave!!! Whether used for espresso ,americana,cappuccino or drip it is the best!!!
When you drink this you will think everything else is just sludge!!!!

Michael (New York, US)
My new favorite !!

Hands down a very rich, smooth tasting coffee. I usually don’t drink my coffee black, but the taste is so smooth and bursting with flavor I’m enjoying drinking black coffee again !

Lamar A (Tooele, US)
My favorite dark roast of all time

The Mono Choro Dark Roast has become the star of the show when it comes to my morning ritual. I purchase the whole beans so that my morning coffee begins with the fresh smell of ground coffee.The flavor is bold but not bitter. I love to make a cappuccino with my espresso machine. The Mono Choro Dark Roast is the perfect choice for that. My partner loves his morning double espresso with the Mono Choro.

Re: the subscription - always on time so that we are never left without our beloved F&D coffee.

James D (Odessa, US)
Love it! So smooth yet so bold!

I ordered some of this because I really wanted to try it. It did not disappoint at all. The flavors were bold and rich with no bitterness. It also gives you a good little kick in the rear end in the AM to get the day going! Enjoy James D.

Ron Benamor (Baltimore, US)
Amazing Coffee

Amazing!!! It's like they brewed it with magic or something. I couldn't help but let out an audible "mmm" after each sip.

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